Monday, August 10, 2009

Government Property: YOU

Doctors Taking the Hippocratic Oath "too serious"? According to our White House heath-care Adviser to Obama they are. Having shown already that they want to "cull the heard," "Useless Eaters" had been the term used by cynics when painting the picture of the Elite's view of us mere mortals; the unwashed masses. [LINK]

It is not so easily dismissed as a straw man anymore.

And Lets not forget about the People Of Honduras who had the cojones to outst their President after he violated their constitution. You would think that the so called "Freest Country in the World" would support The People in their struggle to enforce the Rule of Law wouldn't you? Well, not according to our own President. After all, those in power in Washington D.C. don't want to give the impression that violating the constitution [LINK] [LINK] is considered legitimate grounds for the removal of Presidents.