Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Collection of Some of My Posts to a Political Board

March 2010

A "devil's dictionary" type definition:

Global Trade *n.* - When you can't find illiterate masses to control in your own country, import them!

Some one asked "Is this whole country tearing itself apart?"

I believe so.

If you've ever read The Art of War by Sun Tzu you'll know that direct conflict is the least effective method of conquest.

So, does anyone think the Soviets didn't influence the political shift of the 1960s? Though, of course the Soviets were just one part of the ICC. Communist subversives in the form of the radical left, , fabians, progressivists, and every other shade of socialism, from pink to red have been pushing their ways on us non-stop for more than 50 years. Just enough so most people don't freak out yet the next generation expects it as normal.

That is "The Art of War".

I talking with an old Vietnam vet about politics and he posed it like this, "Did the cold war end because the eagle conquered the bear...or did the eagle become the bear?"

If we suppose in those terms -that our government did in fact "fall" in a passive way without a distinct line in the sand- then the "cold war" has been continuing against the American people for decades. Over the years they have won the hearts and minds of at least half the population. Mostly in the highly populated urban coasts...until now. The "ring of fire" is closing in on the heartland. I expect to see real major sparks as the + and - sides that have been staying out of each-others way for the most part, start getting closer.


The Incredible Bread Machine will shine a light on the fundamental misunderstanding of reality that you both have. I read the book when I was like 15, so I have hope it will make sense to you.

>"the less you make, typically the harder you work."


This says a so much about how the left thinks. Yea you can pay a guy to break rocks and its a "hard" job but it's not producing anything of value. Anyone can hit his head against a wall for 8 hours and feel "beat" at the end of the day (we have all been there). Physical labor is one kind of work -but that guy gets to leave all the problems of the job at the day behind when he clocks out to go home!

If you think the "boss" is just sitting back and counting gold, it's clear you have no idea what's involved in trying to run a small business. A business owner is trying to create prosperity out of thin air! He doesn't make hamburgers with his hands but he put the plan into action with his brain, to get a building, equipment, training for staff, meetings, accounting and everything has to be implemented from scratch. Those few gold coins he does get are not just prosperity for one's own self either, it's prosperity for all! Those many of us who depend on a paycheck because we haven't yet figured out how to bottle lighting. Before the businessman got there, there was no building, no people, no jobs. And the government knows FULL WELL, that's why they overburden the soul method of creating prosperity!

All I can suggest is that you pick up a copy of "177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class" or even just good ol' "Think and Grow Rich" if you think the rich are "lazy".

Then some one said "The deficit has to come down and the only way to do that is to cut spending and raise taxes."

And I responded that Government does not generate revenue, so how in the world would giving our government more money help anything??

When things are working right, paychecks are not coming from the giverment -they come from private hands, into your private hands and then you spend it into other's private hands. Thus, creating the "market" in which individuals demand goods and services. This is how the economy works and it's actually very easy to understand. It only seems complicated when you're getting fast-talked by our fearless leaders. You see, if it's "over your head," they can screw you, and you'll still thank them afterward.

The problem is not "not enough taxes" its too much damn spending! So many things can't be "cut" because they are locked into the budget BY LAW. We would have to unwind our corrupt bureaucracy, as it's become an overgrown monster, doing too much.

Government does not create prosperity, the private sector does. They can only take so much cream off the top in the form of taxes, before it holds back the whole process.

Once again, the Left sees a problem, but won't admit that it's the Socialist aspects of the economy that are failing us -they insist on more Socialism!

I hear a lot from the left about "those asshole capitalists," and "corporate welfare" and the like so I think the following is worth mentioning.

Its important to keep in mind that in 2010 the US is considered a mixed economy, like those oh so brightly shining stars, the governments of Europe...and China. Objectively, we are a social democracy, just as the progressives wanted.

But now that we are here in the CCCP I mean USA, we have not accurately named the part of the system that is actually failing to provide service and value to people. It's not free market capitalism and it's not small and medium business...

It's the corporations so big that function almost as government, accurately identified as the state subsidized business sector.

The sector of the economy that is ruled by bureaucracy and regulation, working hand-in-glove with trade unions and fattened on prime government contracts. So, to be intellectually honest, this is what they wanted, and the liberals should make this distinction. Corporations such as Boeing, Haliburton, media companies such as FOX and NBC and Big-Pharma who have their people in the FCC and FDA respectively, anything "too big to fail" and "Freddy and Fannie", are almost official government agencies at this point. Subsidies, monopolies and bail-outs didn't happen because of the government embracing "Laissez-faire capitalism,"

-it's a direct product of the Socialist Left!

Then he said "point of fact, the two biggest recessions in the past 40 years occurred after the right gave us deregulation and tax cuts for the rich. The right at the time said, give it to the wealthy and they will spend it and it will flow downward. The better name for that economic theory is Supply side or Trickle down."

And I replied,

The "deregulation" and "tax cuts" you mentioned were not an even handed endeavor. Tax codes and regulations are very specific. Any changes are lobbied to politicians for the benefit of those few and well connected. Further, within this already gamed system, changing things for one party creates a "loop hole" for unfair competition, by means of government interference in the market.

This sort of recent example of "deregulation" is what the socialist left (especially in Europe) is currently using to try to paint a picture of "the failings of free market capitalism". In reality, its no comparison at all! There is nothing free about our managed markets. It's a completely synthetic economy that has been through more patchwork lifts and tucks than Pelosi herself. Picture a tower, poorly built and rickety with all manner of supports and struts, adding weight of their own, that the tower was not designed to withstand. Would one not expect that with more tampering comes more failure?

The US debt is just part of the increasingly volatile global economic bubble, which is actually a dollar bubble. The dollar's use by foreign governments as a "store of value" is the major source of it's perceived value, which means in reality, it's nothing but paper. A synthetic economy divorced from reality can never be sustainable, as we are seeing!

The actual cure is to go through the "band-aid removal process" -meaning just rip the sucker off fast. Remove all the synthetic restrictions on the market. Yes it will hurt but it's far more human and courageous than peeling it off slowly. Things will move towards actual homeostasis, without all the tricks.

But they LOVE the tricks!

The reason your overlords don't want this is because if the market reflects reality and true supply/demand interaction, then there's no need for the the infrastructure they have created to manage it! It makes the job a lot less "sexy" because only a managed market has the potential to create benefit to those well-positioned and well-connected in government.

Are they in the business of fixing things or are they in the business of getting you to ask for their help? The major political parties both "sell" a bill of goods to voters wrapped in a package they will swallow -nay, advocate! In reality it's just another way to help their friends and families who truly all see themselves as part of a benevolent oligarchy.

So, is it out of ignorance or dishonesty that you'll burn the one party at the steak yet give the other one a free pass to Disneyland? Why do you have such a vested interest in "taking sides?" You seem to accept the propaganda from one party but not the other? Do you think they are angels? What do you know about Diane Feintein (D)?

More Socialism as a cure for the problems that it got us into this mess in the first place?? That's one sick joke.