Monday, August 10, 2009

Government Property: YOU

Doctors Taking the Hippocratic Oath "too serious"? According to our White House heath-care Adviser to Obama they are. Having shown already that they want to "cull the heard," "Useless Eaters" had been the term used by cynics when painting the picture of the Elite's view of us mere mortals; the unwashed masses. [LINK]

It is not so easily dismissed as a straw man anymore.

And Lets not forget about the People Of Honduras who had the cojones to outst their President after he violated their constitution. You would think that the so called "Freest Country in the World" would support The People in their struggle to enforce the Rule of Law wouldn't you? Well, not according to our own President. After all, those in power in Washington D.C. don't want to give the impression that violating the constitution [LINK] [LINK] is considered legitimate grounds for the removal of Presidents.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An American Checkpoint - No, it's not the cool new way to mark a form


Soooo let me see if I get this exactly right. According the the officer in the video you DO NOT HAVE TO OBAY. And They acknowledge the fact that you don't have to, however they will force you against your will to comply...

If that isn't gangster-ism what is?

If that doesn't seem that bad, this vid is not even the best/worst example of this either. This guy didn't open his door and got forced out. While being tasered he got is face raked across the broken glass sticking up from the door frame,

on purpose.

By the way, does anyone else have a problem with, it being considered "resisting" by police, when you're having involuntary muscle spasms from "Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) Technology ® TM"?

Protect and Serve?

Yes, PROTECT my job and SERVE the state.

Welcome to the land of random searches by high school drop-outs who openly acknowledge their trampling of your rights while they literally trample your head. Of course you deserve to get beat-down and treated like an animal if you don't submit. You think your big bro would have it any other way, buddy? He's just trying to take care of you.

Police and military train in offensive, brute-force tactics and techniques that are amoral and immoral. Demanding direct compliance from any and all individuals they encounter regardless of the circumstance.

Its going to be great when all those crazy combat vets from all these wars we got going come on back home. And after years of fighting this hidden insurgency, with a threat around every corner, day in and out shaking down peasants while on overdrive -I'm sure it has no bearing on our next generation of law enforcement officers.

And the strange thing is...

Individually, if questioned these men say they are fiercely independent and value personal freedom deeply. Yet, they routinely violate the rights of others -and are often powerfully moved to do so, in the name of these deep-held personal values, order, safety and morality. But the truth of their harmful actions is hidden in a fog for them, not in the least by institutional culture that taps into the values of the volunteer officers.

This "esprit de corps" creates the allegiance of these opposed principles of freedom and fascism. Living within one man, and not the least conflicted.

Responsibility for an individual's actions is clouded by chain of command, drill and practice of take-down maneuvers and layers of policies and procedures.
And so doing they have created an adversarial relationship between Law Enforcement and The People. The travesties they commit in the name of the established order got generally unquestioned and those that do question the order are faced with anger and violence.

So the truth is, at the end of the nightstick you have no rights.

Ask any Black Person.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The way out?

Probably, the only way to get back some of the lost freedoms that the individual sacrifices to subsist by the mechanisms of this "service industry economy" is to return to an agrarian state of life. We have chained ourselves to our desks, and the nicety of "customer service" -but is there not the other option? To "seize the means of production" in the form of agrarian self-sufficiency?

Our generation will NOT have social security money to fall back on. The SSA even states on its website NOT to depend on them. Google to find out how jacked up it is. We need a form of security of our own for retirement. If we know how to use the land -animals and agriculture to survive, then we have a better shot at being "socially secure".

What has value when the dollar is either inflated or deflated into "pariah status"?

Resources themselves.

And the ability to use resources effectively. When you don't spend government backed fiat currency on cooperate owned processed consumer goods then you are not fueling that unjust system. At the same time, you are increasing your and your families health and well being, as well as security for the future.