Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Collection of Some of My Posts to a Political Board

March 2010

A "devil's dictionary" type definition:

Global Trade *n.* - When you can't find illiterate masses to control in your own country, import them!

Some one asked "Is this whole country tearing itself apart?"

I believe so.

If you've ever read The Art of War by Sun Tzu you'll know that direct conflict is the least effective method of conquest.

So, does anyone think the Soviets didn't influence the political shift of the 1960s? Though, of course the Soviets were just one part of the ICC. Communist subversives in the form of the radical left, , fabians, progressivists, and every other shade of socialism, from pink to red have been pushing their ways on us non-stop for more than 50 years. Just enough so most people don't freak out yet the next generation expects it as normal.

That is "The Art of War".

I talking with an old Vietnam vet about politics and he posed it like this, "Did the cold war end because the eagle conquered the bear...or did the eagle become the bear?"

If we suppose in those terms -that our government did in fact "fall" in a passive way without a distinct line in the sand- then the "cold war" has been continuing against the American people for decades. Over the years they have won the hearts and minds of at least half the population. Mostly in the highly populated urban coasts...until now. The "ring of fire" is closing in on the heartland. I expect to see real major sparks as the + and - sides that have been staying out of each-others way for the most part, start getting closer.


The Incredible Bread Machine will shine a light on the fundamental misunderstanding of reality that you both have. I read the book when I was like 15, so I have hope it will make sense to you.

>"the less you make, typically the harder you work."


This says a so much about how the left thinks. Yea you can pay a guy to break rocks and its a "hard" job but it's not producing anything of value. Anyone can hit his head against a wall for 8 hours and feel "beat" at the end of the day (we have all been there). Physical labor is one kind of work -but that guy gets to leave all the problems of the job at the day behind when he clocks out to go home!

If you think the "boss" is just sitting back and counting gold, it's clear you have no idea what's involved in trying to run a small business. A business owner is trying to create prosperity out of thin air! He doesn't make hamburgers with his hands but he put the plan into action with his brain, to get a building, equipment, training for staff, meetings, accounting and everything has to be implemented from scratch. Those few gold coins he does get are not just prosperity for one's own self either, it's prosperity for all! Those many of us who depend on a paycheck because we haven't yet figured out how to bottle lighting. Before the businessman got there, there was no building, no people, no jobs. And the government knows FULL WELL, that's why they overburden the soul method of creating prosperity!

All I can suggest is that you pick up a copy of "177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class" or even just good ol' "Think and Grow Rich" if you think the rich are "lazy".

Then some one said "The deficit has to come down and the only way to do that is to cut spending and raise taxes."

And I responded that Government does not generate revenue, so how in the world would giving our government more money help anything??

When things are working right, paychecks are not coming from the giverment -they come from private hands, into your private hands and then you spend it into other's private hands. Thus, creating the "market" in which individuals demand goods and services. This is how the economy works and it's actually very easy to understand. It only seems complicated when you're getting fast-talked by our fearless leaders. You see, if it's "over your head," they can screw you, and you'll still thank them afterward.

The problem is not "not enough taxes" its too much damn spending! So many things can't be "cut" because they are locked into the budget BY LAW. We would have to unwind our corrupt bureaucracy, as it's become an overgrown monster, doing too much.

Government does not create prosperity, the private sector does. They can only take so much cream off the top in the form of taxes, before it holds back the whole process.

Once again, the Left sees a problem, but won't admit that it's the Socialist aspects of the economy that are failing us -they insist on more Socialism!

I hear a lot from the left about "those asshole capitalists," and "corporate welfare" and the like so I think the following is worth mentioning.

Its important to keep in mind that in 2010 the US is considered a mixed economy, like those oh so brightly shining stars, the governments of Europe...and China. Objectively, we are a social democracy, just as the progressives wanted.

But now that we are here in the CCCP I mean USA, we have not accurately named the part of the system that is actually failing to provide service and value to people. It's not free market capitalism and it's not small and medium business...

It's the corporations so big that function almost as government, accurately identified as the state subsidized business sector.

The sector of the economy that is ruled by bureaucracy and regulation, working hand-in-glove with trade unions and fattened on prime government contracts. So, to be intellectually honest, this is what they wanted, and the liberals should make this distinction. Corporations such as Boeing, Haliburton, media companies such as FOX and NBC and Big-Pharma who have their people in the FCC and FDA respectively, anything "too big to fail" and "Freddy and Fannie", are almost official government agencies at this point. Subsidies, monopolies and bail-outs didn't happen because of the government embracing "Laissez-faire capitalism,"

-it's a direct product of the Socialist Left!

Then he said "point of fact, the two biggest recessions in the past 40 years occurred after the right gave us deregulation and tax cuts for the rich. The right at the time said, give it to the wealthy and they will spend it and it will flow downward. The better name for that economic theory is Supply side or Trickle down."

And I replied,

The "deregulation" and "tax cuts" you mentioned were not an even handed endeavor. Tax codes and regulations are very specific. Any changes are lobbied to politicians for the benefit of those few and well connected. Further, within this already gamed system, changing things for one party creates a "loop hole" for unfair competition, by means of government interference in the market.

This sort of recent example of "deregulation" is what the socialist left (especially in Europe) is currently using to try to paint a picture of "the failings of free market capitalism". In reality, its no comparison at all! There is nothing free about our managed markets. It's a completely synthetic economy that has been through more patchwork lifts and tucks than Pelosi herself. Picture a tower, poorly built and rickety with all manner of supports and struts, adding weight of their own, that the tower was not designed to withstand. Would one not expect that with more tampering comes more failure?

The US debt is just part of the increasingly volatile global economic bubble, which is actually a dollar bubble. The dollar's use by foreign governments as a "store of value" is the major source of it's perceived value, which means in reality, it's nothing but paper. A synthetic economy divorced from reality can never be sustainable, as we are seeing!

The actual cure is to go through the "band-aid removal process" -meaning just rip the sucker off fast. Remove all the synthetic restrictions on the market. Yes it will hurt but it's far more human and courageous than peeling it off slowly. Things will move towards actual homeostasis, without all the tricks.

But they LOVE the tricks!

The reason your overlords don't want this is because if the market reflects reality and true supply/demand interaction, then there's no need for the the infrastructure they have created to manage it! It makes the job a lot less "sexy" because only a managed market has the potential to create benefit to those well-positioned and well-connected in government.

Are they in the business of fixing things or are they in the business of getting you to ask for their help? The major political parties both "sell" a bill of goods to voters wrapped in a package they will swallow -nay, advocate! In reality it's just another way to help their friends and families who truly all see themselves as part of a benevolent oligarchy.

So, is it out of ignorance or dishonesty that you'll burn the one party at the steak yet give the other one a free pass to Disneyland? Why do you have such a vested interest in "taking sides?" You seem to accept the propaganda from one party but not the other? Do you think they are angels? What do you know about Diane Feintein (D)?

More Socialism as a cure for the problems that it got us into this mess in the first place?? That's one sick joke.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Government Property: YOU

Doctors Taking the Hippocratic Oath "too serious"? According to our White House heath-care Adviser to Obama they are. Having shown already that they want to "cull the heard," "Useless Eaters" had been the term used by cynics when painting the picture of the Elite's view of us mere mortals; the unwashed masses. [LINK]

It is not so easily dismissed as a straw man anymore.

And Lets not forget about the People Of Honduras who had the cojones to outst their President after he violated their constitution. You would think that the so called "Freest Country in the World" would support The People in their struggle to enforce the Rule of Law wouldn't you? Well, not according to our own President. After all, those in power in Washington D.C. don't want to give the impression that violating the constitution [LINK] [LINK] is considered legitimate grounds for the removal of Presidents.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An American Checkpoint - No, it's not the cool new way to mark a form


Soooo let me see if I get this exactly right. According the the officer in the video you DO NOT HAVE TO OBAY. And They acknowledge the fact that you don't have to, however they will force you against your will to comply...

If that isn't gangster-ism what is?

If that doesn't seem that bad, this vid is not even the best/worst example of this either. This guy didn't open his door and got forced out. While being tasered he got is face raked across the broken glass sticking up from the door frame,

on purpose.

By the way, does anyone else have a problem with, it being considered "resisting" by police, when you're having involuntary muscle spasms from "Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) Technology ® TM"?

Protect and Serve?

Yes, PROTECT my job and SERVE the state.

Welcome to the land of random searches by high school drop-outs who openly acknowledge their trampling of your rights while they literally trample your head. Of course you deserve to get beat-down and treated like an animal if you don't submit. You think your big bro would have it any other way, buddy? He's just trying to take care of you.

Police and military train in offensive, brute-force tactics and techniques that are amoral and immoral. Demanding direct compliance from any and all individuals they encounter regardless of the circumstance.

Its going to be great when all those crazy combat vets from all these wars we got going come on back home. And after years of fighting this hidden insurgency, with a threat around every corner, day in and out shaking down peasants while on overdrive -I'm sure it has no bearing on our next generation of law enforcement officers.

And the strange thing is...

Individually, if questioned these men say they are fiercely independent and value personal freedom deeply. Yet, they routinely violate the rights of others -and are often powerfully moved to do so, in the name of these deep-held personal values, order, safety and morality. But the truth of their harmful actions is hidden in a fog for them, not in the least by institutional culture that taps into the values of the volunteer officers.

This "esprit de corps" creates the allegiance of these opposed principles of freedom and fascism. Living within one man, and not the least conflicted.

Responsibility for an individual's actions is clouded by chain of command, drill and practice of take-down maneuvers and layers of policies and procedures.
And so doing they have created an adversarial relationship between Law Enforcement and The People. The travesties they commit in the name of the established order got generally unquestioned and those that do question the order are faced with anger and violence.

So the truth is, at the end of the nightstick you have no rights.

Ask any Black Person.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The way out?

Probably, the only way to get back some of the lost freedoms that the individual sacrifices to subsist by the mechanisms of this "service industry economy" is to return to an agrarian state of life. We have chained ourselves to our desks, and the nicety of "customer service" -but is there not the other option? To "seize the means of production" in the form of agrarian self-sufficiency?

Our generation will NOT have social security money to fall back on. The SSA even states on its website NOT to depend on them. Google to find out how jacked up it is. We need a form of security of our own for retirement. If we know how to use the land -animals and agriculture to survive, then we have a better shot at being "socially secure".

What has value when the dollar is either inflated or deflated into "pariah status"?

Resources themselves.

And the ability to use resources effectively. When you don't spend government backed fiat currency on cooperate owned processed consumer goods then you are not fueling that unjust system. At the same time, you are increasing your and your families health and well being, as well as security for the future.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Middle Class Guilt and the Emerging Oil Bubble Economy

Here we go again.

On the front lines of the next big economic bubble.

I observed the pattern of the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble, especially by living here in California and some have remarked the new economy is a bubble/burst cycle economy (but there is nothing new about it apparently)

An economic bubble is when people pick something on "the market" that is gaining naturally as it should but un-natural, outside forces interfere and people start buying in not because they naturally would do so but now rather as a form of betting (can you believe this is all legal?). They overload it beyond what its really worth outside of the "fad". But because people see it growing, they think it must be for real even though its just like people fighting over a used kleenex from a celebrity.

Now I'm scared shitless about what is going to be the fallout of the emerging OIL BUBBLE economy.

I had just heard a radio interview on NPR thismorning with an analyst talking about todays record oil jump of 10 dollars on the heals of a week of newscasters commenting "Hey guys great news first day of no gas price jumps". And then right after that, a shill for the oil companies posing as an environmentalist rattles on about the changing infrastructure and how the price increases are systemic.

Noted in the commentary was how the down economy makes for a weak dollar and our weak-ass federal reserve chairman will keep the interest rates low, creating an even weaker dollar. This cycle coming at the same time as increasing concerns about food shortage have been given a boost by industry looking to our food supply as an alternative to crude-based fuel needs, adding more economic pressure.

The commentary noted that Morgan Stanley (a highly influential investment analysis company) has insisted that the price of oil WILL go up.

And so here's the bubble:

Oil is being seriously looked at internationality as a viable and valuable investment commodity- Especially since the dollar is so weak. So, many international companies have pulled their investment out of the dollar (and it sinks farther), but it begs the question, where will they put it now?

And the meat of our dilemma:

Because when a commodity is said to have "investment potential" that term means some people are buying up as much as they can, hoping the price goes up, NOT because they want to actually use that commodity.

It is very rare for a commodity investor to actually get the commodity they have invested in at all. In reality, they sell it at the last minute when the price is the highest!

Guess who is paying that highest possible price? YOU ARE.

To make it clear: By virtue of the fact that people are buying it, not to really use it but just with the hope that the price goes up: THE PRICE WILL GO UP!

That is because the investors are creating a false sense of higher demand.

I hope you all have at least heard people talk about "supply and demand" as it relates to something's price. What that means in a free market is when a commodity is in demand, companies selling you things are going to charge as much as they can possibly get from you before you refuse to pay, thus setting the market value.

And in our case there is another element driving the price up as well.

And that element is FEAR.

I don't want to go far off topic but I will briefly ask people reading this to think about TV shows and the news these days if they can recall the last time in the US we had such reactionary mass embrace of the environmentalist movement. Would you agree it was say, around 1990? Remember the cartoon show "Captain Planet"? (produced by Ted Turner who has been quoted saying "I am a socialist at heart".)

From my memory it started with pressure to get rid of styrofoam and hairspray, I remember as a kid that they made a big deal about that stuff and we started getting a smaller trash can too. Too small for our family of 6 especially when we kids cleaned our rooms. I remember a couple kids at school scared about what would happen, pleading with their peers to "save the environment". Then it was kinda dropped by the time the x-files came out, as fast as it started, and then we were all against cigarettes by 6th grade -2 years later.

I propose that this set up a very real FEAR inside of those youngsters at the time and it created a powerful subconscious TRIGGER.

Being used today.

In a very clever way.

Those who learned the history of the United States and the Industrial Revolution will recall that Oil and Banking have been intimatly tied together for a very long time. Those who know a little more will know that radical political movements across the globe in the 20th century were funded by the international banking establishment.

I believe most people would agree, still, that the environmentalist movement is a whitewashed version of radical leftism.

Since industry is tied to the world banks and the world banks are tied to funding radical political movements is it any wonder today that the biggest proponents now of this radical environmentalist movement are industry?

But they do not advocate much of a change for how they do business, but rather how YOU behave and how much you SPEND.

Though guilt based advertising triggering those fears planted during youth and by radical leftist collage professors that work in science and industry who get on the controlled media which are, funded by big industry and then berate us for the use of our habits then harp on how gas is going to be uber expensive.

You couldn't ask for better marketing.

How happy would Peter Pan, JIFF and Skippy be if they got together and had scientists come on the news everynight and talk about how we are going to have to get used to $8.00 a jar peanut butter? I would guarantee when you went to the store the next morning you would see $8.00 peanut butter on the shelf.

And thats what is happening to us all.

We have fear based marketing and deep product placement going on with the so called "green" fad aiding the oil companies in their phenomenal record breaking profits by convincing us all we are evil and as a punishment deserve the artificially high price at the pump.

We have big banks and international investors driving the price of oil up through its new posture it as an investment commodity.

We have the recoil of this effect damaging the US economy further, weakening the dollar and creating a self fulfilling prophecy and downward spiral which will soon be exacerbated by alternative fuels based on the food supply, farther straining resources around the globe.

As the demand for goods so closely tied to our survival become more more strained the result will be more constraints on individual human behavior and a consolidation of government powers internationally.

Who knows how deep this cycle will take us an how much of our economic infrastructure will be dismantled in the process? Will there be an airline industry? Will there be cars? What about when it all breaks down the the price returns to normal? Who will have the power that comes from industry at that point? Why the hell is everyone moving to Dubai??

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cost of Doing Business

The true impact of globalism is becoming clearer every day. And the impact is taking its toll not just here in the States but all over the world as we all go down like sheep to be slaughtered by the global economic terrorism of China.

And for the USA this melamine in the food to fake out the tests for protein when grading is just be beginning. [link] [link] We have never had to deal with this kind of overt, dangerous tampering with the food supply in our country. Keep in mind that Menu Foods has stated that they purchased HUMAN FOOD GRADE wheat gluten from the Chinese company (see articles in above links).

As this world becomes smaller, we have seen the lives of US citizens became more and more like our 3rd world neighbors. We all know that wages are down and for America's working class "job security" is almost an oxymoron. International Corporations funded by International Banking in bed with the US Government-and governments across the globe, creates a corrupt combine that pushes workers in industrialized nations into a corner. If an industrial nation chooses to compete globally against a mass of government slaves in piss-poor working conditions, to stay competitive, they too must accept a lower standard of living and employment. [link] [link]

And it will get lower and lower and lower.

The Chinese industrial model has also affected working conditions in other developing nations where the people were just barely starting to grasp some measure of life being less oppressed. As those factories in India and Taiwan, even Mexico are getting pressure from the buyers to be competitive with China their already marginal standards are dropping as well. [link] [link]

As for the USA does anyone else remember a thing called PROTECTIONISM??
Its a great little concept where instead of letting slave-manufactured third world goods flood our shores making US manufacturing jobs obsolete, we actually charge other countries for the privilege of doing business with America and adjust the prices to consumers to reflect the cost of the goods in the US domestic market. Those that argue this would drive prices up need to remember that cheap foreign goods is what drove the wages down to begin with. You can't expect to find a cure by taking more poison.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Money for nothing

Whenever I think about how the Federal Reserve and credit card companies work it hella reminds me of the old Dire Straights song "Money for Nothing". What I get from the song is that its about a band being encouraged (by Satan?) to sell-out artistic talent and not be concerned with a feeling of cheapening ones self when the end result is a shitload of money.
"Hell, doing albums of crappy pop music your producer selects - its money for nothing and chicks for free."

The true cost however, is overlooked.

That's what brings me back to my point. We are like that band man. The money we spend in our "low inflationary" period we are in now is like money for nothing. But there is a cost, and the cost is in freedom - and a stable economy for future generations.

If you have been burned by the credit cards you got in your 20s with a 25% interest rate you are still paying on 10 years later you know - Nothing is free.

So do you think that the $2,000.00 you spent then is fair and proportional to the amount borrowed. That would be $500.00 a year if you kept the balance the same. How many days at work does that $500.00 represent to you after the taxes are taken out? How much disposable income do you have after paying bills? What did Chase Manhattan do to earn that money? The cost of doing business with a shark is to bleed. They get money for nothing - from the so called luxury of providing you money to buy cheap slave labor Chinese crap [link] [link] [link] to maintain the economy to offset the delcine of the worth of the US Dollar.

Who is doing whom a favor?

There is this whole other thing of course that produces money out of thin air called Fractional Reserve banking [link]. The racket is mind blowing when you understand what it is!