Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cost of Doing Business

The true impact of globalism is becoming clearer every day. And the impact is taking its toll not just here in the States but all over the world as we all go down like sheep to be slaughtered by the global economic terrorism of China.

And for the USA this melamine in the food to fake out the tests for protein when grading is just be beginning. [link] [link] We have never had to deal with this kind of overt, dangerous tampering with the food supply in our country. Keep in mind that Menu Foods has stated that they purchased HUMAN FOOD GRADE wheat gluten from the Chinese company (see articles in above links).

As this world becomes smaller, we have seen the lives of US citizens became more and more like our 3rd world neighbors. We all know that wages are down and for America's working class "job security" is almost an oxymoron. International Corporations funded by International Banking in bed with the US Government-and governments across the globe, creates a corrupt combine that pushes workers in industrialized nations into a corner. If an industrial nation chooses to compete globally against a mass of government slaves in piss-poor working conditions, to stay competitive, they too must accept a lower standard of living and employment. [link] [link]

And it will get lower and lower and lower.

The Chinese industrial model has also affected working conditions in other developing nations where the people were just barely starting to grasp some measure of life being less oppressed. As those factories in India and Taiwan, even Mexico are getting pressure from the buyers to be competitive with China their already marginal standards are dropping as well. [link] [link]

As for the USA does anyone else remember a thing called PROTECTIONISM??
Its a great little concept where instead of letting slave-manufactured third world goods flood our shores making US manufacturing jobs obsolete, we actually charge other countries for the privilege of doing business with America and adjust the prices to consumers to reflect the cost of the goods in the US domestic market. Those that argue this would drive prices up need to remember that cheap foreign goods is what drove the wages down to begin with. You can't expect to find a cure by taking more poison.

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