Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The way out?

Probably, the only way to get back some of the lost freedoms that the individual sacrifices to subsist by the mechanisms of this "service industry economy" is to return to an agrarian state of life. We have chained ourselves to our desks, and the nicety of "customer service" -but is there not the other option? To "seize the means of production" in the form of agrarian self-sufficiency?

Our generation will NOT have social security money to fall back on. The SSA even states on its website NOT to depend on them. Google to find out how jacked up it is. We need a form of security of our own for retirement. If we know how to use the land -animals and agriculture to survive, then we have a better shot at being "socially secure".

What has value when the dollar is either inflated or deflated into "pariah status"?

Resources themselves.

And the ability to use resources effectively. When you don't spend government backed fiat currency on cooperate owned processed consumer goods then you are not fueling that unjust system. At the same time, you are increasing your and your families health and well being, as well as security for the future.

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